Laser Cut IR Patches

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Laser Cut IR Patches with 3M Reflector are advanced identification tools designed for military, law enforcement, and tactical applications. These patches are meticulously crafted using laser cutting technology, which ensures precise and intricate designs that can include detailed text, symbols, or unit insignias. The addition of 3M reflective material significantly enhances visibility in low-light and nighttime conditions.

The 3M reflector material is highly efficient at reflecting light back to its source, making the patches easily detectable with night vision equipment or under direct illumination. This feature is critical for ensuring quick and accurate identification, enhancing both operational efficiency and safety.

These patches are not only durable and resistant to harsh environmental conditions, but they also offer superior performance in terms of visibility and recognition. The combination of laser-cut precision and high-visibility 3M reflector technology makes these patches an essential component for tactical gear, providing reliable identification in various operational scenarios.


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