Tactical Dump Pouch

  • Crafted from high-quality and durable 500D Nylon, this tactical drop pouch features two-way YKK zippers. These zippers allow you to swiftly close the military pouch from either side, ensuring quick and efficient access.
  • These dual-use magazine dump pouches come equipped with a hook-and-loop panel on the back, allowing seamless attachment to a tactical vest. Ensure compatibility by confirming that your vest is equipped with a sufficiently large hook-and-loop panel for a secure and adaptable fit.
  • The design of this tactical pouch incorporates elastic webbing on the inside, providing a secure means of immobilizing objects such as keys, medical supplies, small tools, and any other essentials you require at your fingertips. This ensures easy access and organization, making it an ideal solution for keeping your essentials within reach during tactical situations.
  • Featuring a front Velcro panel, this design allows you to easily attach your patch, adding a personalized touch to your tactical gear. Customize your pouch with patches that reflect your style, affiliation, or important information, seamlessly integrating functionality with individuality.



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